The Swapology Movement

We love fashion, but we are mindful of the negative impact the fashion industry can have on the environment.

To truly consume fashion more sustainably, we need to transform our relationship with our wardrobes. By choosing used clothing over new when possible, we can create new habits and small ripples in an industry that is over producing.

Clothes swapping has the potential to reinvent our fashion system.

Being part of the Swapology’s wardrobe collective allows members, Swapologists, to refresh their wardrobes without the guilt that fast fashion perpetuates and with the added reward of saving money.

It’s a philosophy, a language, a movement.

Swapology [swap-olo-jee] (proper noun). A collective of Swapologists sharing their wardrobes online.

Swapologist [swap-olo-jist] (noun). A Swapology member proficient in the science of online clothes swapping.

So become a Swapologist today and be part of the change.

We stand by:


Our sustainable practices

We have begun our journey as a sustainable business through our supply chain by working with companies who align with our values. We will keep evolving in this as we strive to make a difference.


Packed with meaning

Shipping bags are a necessary part of our business. They protect your items as they make their way to your wardrobe. We use The Better Packaging Co’s comPOLY compostable postage bags that are made from corn with a man-made binding agent added for flexibility. And these bags are reusable or when you are finished can be composted at home!


Tag along

Details matter. New-to-you clothes need sustainable tags. That’s why all of our tags are made from recyclable and reusable materials.


Supporting a local charity

We’re all for supporting women, which is why we have a special affiliation with Camellia House, a Palmerston North home that provides women and their children a safe living environment, offering education programmes and support services. Unswappable clothing sent in to us will be forwarded to Camellia House and put to good use.

Learn more about what you can swap here.