Swapology’s Story

After the birth of my second baby in late 2018, I couldn’t fit most of what was in my wardrobe because my body had changed from becoming a mum twice over. I was honest with myself and realised that it was going to take some time – if ever – for my body to go back to pre-children days.

I needed new clothes but the thought of trawling the shops with two kids under three didn’t appeal. So, like many of you I’m sure, I started online clothes shopping in the evenings. The result was that my wardrobe became fuller and fuller as my new clothes were crammed in with pre-kids clothes.

Deep down, I knew I wasn’t helping the planet or my wallet with buying more new stuff. I was also keeping items that didn’t fit in the hope I could squeeze into them again someday. I had to declutter my wardrobe but it seemed too time-consuming to sell my good quality clothing and I found it challenging to just donate the more expensive items.

That’s when the Swapology idea was born. I wanted to create a simple, convenient and sustainable way for people to refresh their wardrobe while being part of a movement for change.

Swapology is New Zealand’s first online clothes swapping platform. The process makes it easy for quality used clothes to be loved by someone else while people can access “new to you” clothing any time. Unwanted clothes get an extra life and people can shop/swap without contributing to negative environmental impacts. It’s a win-win.

So become a Swapologist today and be part of the change.

Swap over shop,

Alice Wills Johnson, Founder